Deaton LeMay Project (D.L.P.) is a recording project with a focus on exciting progressive rock music, inspired by greats such as Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman, and many others. The Deaton LeMay Project's core is a partnership between
Roby Deaton ( Keyboards, Acoustic and Portuguese Guitar ) and Craig LeMay ( Drums and Percussion ).  Deaton’s sound tips the hat off to the pioneers of the genre in the 70s, but it also has a modern flair to it, making for an interesting and exciting tone. The project’s music is phenomenally layered, with so many different ideas and fundamentally exciting tones to really bring it on home.


From complex phrasings, to catchy melodies, anything goes! Fans of bands as diverse as Genesis, Rush, Dream Theater or Pink Floyd would definitely connect with the sound of Deaton LeMay Project, but their music is definitely something that falls into its own league.


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